Why you need a plan

I’d like to take a moment and talk to you about the importance of proper planning.

You see, far too many people spend their lives simply going through the motions, taking life day by day with no real change or progression.

Sure, they have desires, such as thinking how they would like to get a promotion, lose weight, or achieve some sort of goal.

But without finding ways to take action, these desires simply that take a back seat to the other challenges faced throughout the day.

That’s where proper planning comes in.

By taking your goal and writing it down, it suddenly becomes real, and by doing so you can map out the exact steps you need to take in order to achieve it, and if necessary continue breaking it down into small achievable chunks.

For instance, say you want to change direction in your career or get a promotion, by having a clear idea of the result you can then have an honest reflection of everything that needs to be done to achieve it.

This may require additional training, further developing your skills, gaining more experience, finding a mentor, or even learning a new language.

But without utilising this action, that desire can quickly turn into an afterthought or regret down the line, as it becomes something you wish you had pursued, but never got round to, kept putting off or simply forgot about.

Another example of this is say you want to run a 5k for charity next year, but you’ve never really been active before and the idea seems like a pretty daunting challenge.

Well you could start by planning to walk several times a week to develop your cardiovascular system, then the next step may be to jog 1k, followed by running 2k, then 3, and so on, till eventually you reach your goal.

With proper planning you can take daunting prospects and break them down into more manageable steps and in doing so you may even reveal any potential barriers you could face along the way. Thereby making you far more prepared to overcome them as and when they arise, as they will be expected, rather than coming as a complete surprise.

It doesn’t just stop there though, and you can apply the same concept for breaking down and planning big projects to losing weight, or even the tasks you need to complete for the day ahead. In turn having a huge impact on your productivity, time management, focus and motivation.

What’s important to remember though is the goal is progress, not perfection. It’s all about consistency and moving forward, not adding extra unnecessary pressure onto your already stressful life.

After all, regardless of how good the plan is, there will always be times when life throws you off course, and in these moments it’s essential you don’t get discouraged or give in to the desire to quit.

That’s why so many people struggle to get started in the first place, as the concept of perfection makes even the thought overwhelming, causing them to keep putting it off.

So with that being said I encourage you to set aside some time to honestly ask yourself what you want to do and where you want to go, and from there put together a plan of exactly how you want to achieve it.

What do you think?

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