Why you can’t keep off lost weight

Hey I thought I’d do something different with today’s post, so I’d like to start by asking you a couple of simple questions..

How many times have you lost weight, only to quickly put it back on? (or sometimes even more?)

And if so, have you ever wondered why you can’t keep it off?

If you answered yes to the second part then you’re not alone, as it’s been found that only 5% of people who lose weight from a crash diet manage to keep it off!

But why is this the case?

Well that’s what we are going to talk about today.

I’ll be honest, it makes me feel slightly sick to my stomach when I see some of the approaches people take to losing weight.

And it seems to have only gotten worse over the last few years, as walk into any pharmacy, supermarket or even discount store, and there are rows upon rows of everything from meal replacement shakes to weight loss meals, or pills that promise everything from blocking carbs, to fats or aiding in extreme weight loss.

But the thing is, in the long run none of them work, but we buy them anyway, hoping that by some miracle this time will be different, and we’ll finally shed those excess pounds.

The reason why it makes me feel slightly sick is I know exactly how easy we can be sold into that belief, as I’ve been there myself.

I remember standing there in GNC and being pitched on these ‘amazing’ fat burning pills that were finally going to get me that 6 pack, without all the hard work involved.

Apart from all the hours I’d have to work to pay for them, or the damage I’d be causing to my body from a range of chemicals I couldn’t even pronounce.

But if by some chance they managed to work then it would make them worthwhile..right..?

All these weight loss groups don’t help matters either, telling people they need to eat a certain way, count points and live their life on a token based system.

Sure, you may be sat their thinking but ‘it worked for so and so’, or ‘I’ve lost weight using them before’, which is why I take you back to my original question;

How many times have you lost weight, only to quickly put it back on?

The thing is yes, these approaches may work short term, but they’re in no way maintainable.

I’ve encountered so many people who have stuck to them for a while, lost some weight and felt great.

Then life gets in the way, they miss a few meetings and fall off track, only to now be too embarrassed to go back.

Then they spend the next few years bouncing from one diet to another, letting their journey take control of them and constantly facing an internal battle of trying to muster the courage to try again.

Going around telling people how they need to diet or lose weight, and next time they definitely will, as next time will be different.

Yeah, I’m sure it will.

I make no apologies for the change of tone from my usual emails, and how this could be misread as a rant. But sometimes these things need to be said, and people need tough love and to face the truth in order to change their ways.

The reason why these approaches never work is they don’t tackle the root of the problem, which at the very core is our behaviours, habits, mindset and relationships with food.

And I’m sorry to be the barer of bad news, but no amount of pills, fancy point systems or weeks of starving yourself is going to change that.

It’s like taking your car to the mechanic and them fixing a leak by putting a bit of tape over the hole.

It may keep the issue at bay for a while, but eventually it’s going to break off, and all that added pressure is going to rupture the hole even more.

Not convinced? Well how many times has your diet ended in an all-out binge?

Another reason why these groups and fancy diets rarely work is because they are too generic and one size fits all, and the problem with that is everyone is different, so chances are what works for one person, probably isn’t going to work for you.

Part of the reason why I wrote my book ‘Become a Better You’ was I’d had enough.

I’d had enough of all the lies, false promises and constantly being misled.

I’d had enough of all the misery, hunger and mentally having to go through forcing myself not eat all my favourite foods.

And most importantly, I’d had enough of seeing people go round in a rinse and repeat cycle of being exploited and thrown into a world of despair, feeling like it was their fault and there’s something wrong with them.

If you’ve ever felt that way then you’re not alone, but let me assure you it’s not you that’s broken, it’s the system.

 So what’s the answer?

The truth is you can get the body and health of your dreams without spending everyday in the gym or giving up your favourite foods.

What it comes down to is deciding that you are going to take control of your own journey, facing up to who you are, and consciously committing to change.

You need to stop acting on impulse, and instead learn to enjoy food and life for what it is, not obsessing over the number on the scale and aiming to improve your lifestyle on the whole.

And you need to start recognising why you act and behave the way you do, how your decisions are driven by your environment and fueled by everything from stress to anxiety, happiness or even depression.

What most people overlook is the fact that a huge part of the reason why we behave the way that we do comes down to our mindset and internal belief.

You see, your mindset is the glue that holds it all together, which is why most importantly, you need the knowledge, guidance and accountability to make these changes.

So at the very core you need proper Nutrition, Mindset, Accountability and increasing Activity Levels, as these four pillars work simultaneously together to make lasting change, and if any of them are missing or neglected, then change will never be anything more than temporary.

That’s why those crazy shakes don’t work, as all they do is provide you with is nutrition and that’s why those weight loss clubs don’t work either, as all they give you is nutrition and accountability, without the mindset coaching of changing your internal behaviours, habits and beliefs.

What next?

I know first hand how daunting and overwhelming this can be, and as you can see from the picture below I’ve been through this journey myself.


That’s why I wrote my book ‘Become a Better You’ and became a Lifestyle Coach to help others who are struggling with what I went through.

And why I took what I learnt and developed the ‘Reconstruct a Better You’ Programme, to give you all the help, guidance and support to take control of the life that you always wanted. Check out the homepage for more information.

What do you think?

Share your thoughts, questions and reasons why you have struggled keeping off weight in the comments below.

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