You’re £3 more than Slimming World?!

Yesterday I had someone comment on my post about how my ‘Reconstruct a Better You‘ programme was £3 more than Slimming World, a comparison that I wasn’t sure whether to laugh, cry, or face palm at.

The reality is what I do and what Slimming World do are nothing alike. My programme is a completely tailored lifestyle change build around you, helping you change the way you eat, think, move and live, improving all areas of your life and setting you up for lifelong changes.

And Slimming World is well…

Look, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that you can’t lose weight on their plan, because you can. And sure, maybe it is even right for you, especially if you:

  • Like taking your chances that you won’t be one of the 84% of people who put the weight they lose BACK on
  • Like being spoken to like a school child and told you’ve been good or bad while being herded like cattle into a room to publicly weigh yourself
  • Having to starve yourself one day a week to avoid said embarrassment
  • Trust being advised by someone who’s only qualification is they’ve lost weight (albeit in many cases not even successfully) and has no nutritional background beyond telling you to look it up in the book
  • Are happy to have every week more like a sales meeting to pitch you various foods and products that are so filled with sugar and other chemicals that I wouldn’t feed them to a dog
  • Get no support in teaching you how to do it for yourself, as god forbid you become self-dependant and no longer need their plan
  • Forever be controlled by food and made to feel bad because you had a chocolate bar, went over your allocated number of ‘syns’, or life got in the way

Now I’m fully aware that this post will be interpreted by some people where they take it the wrong way, but the reality is I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough of seeing people struggling, going round in circles, being exploited and wasting endless amounts of money and years of their life they’ll never get back being unhappy.

That’s why I set out on this mission in the first place, so if knowing I have a better way makes me come across as arrogant (or as I was recently called obnoxious), then I think you may be confusing that with passion, as the truth is I care more than you’ll ever know.

So if you are wondering what makes my programme different to Slimming World and every other diet, trend or weight loss group out there then:

  • It is about your lifestyle on the whole, heavily built around mindset, giving you a new-found confidence in who you are, changing habits that are holding you back and helping you take control of the life that you want
  • It isn’t a ‘diet’, nothing is restricted or off limits and instead it is all about teaching you to fuel your body with what it actually needs, while still making room for the foods you love
  • Everything is backed by science, built around years of research and time spent working as an Author, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Behaviour Change Coach
  • Everything is tailored around you, meaning you aren’t just another number and can actually make the changes YOU want to make
  • You’ll be given all the knowledge and tools to know how to do it for yourself, so that you can leave the programme and never look back (not the best business model I know)
  • It is built around a safe and supportive environment that is a judgement free zone, not a competition for ‘loser of the week’ (who names these things anyway?!)

This programme is like nothing you have ever tried before, and rather than making a shiny product and serving you what you want, this is built around what you actually need, helping you improve your health, along with how you feel about yourself inside and out.

So yes, my programme in the short term may be more ‘expensive’, and while I wish I could make it free, with everything involved in it I have done everything possible to make it as accessible as possible for everyone.

So sure, it is a few pounds more a week, but think of it like this; how much time and money have you wasted going round in circles on the wrong cure?

And how much are you going to spend over the next 1, 5, 10 years going to these groups, staying stuck and not getting lasting results?

Time and time again studies have shown people who spend 10s of thousands on Slimming World and other weight loss groups in their lifetime, all while never reaching or maintaining their goals.

The reason why these weight loss groups work from a business stand point is because you have to return to them once you fall off track, convincing you that YOU are the problem, when in fact, it is down to them not providing you with what you actually need.

Dr Carl Heneghan, director of the Centre for Evidence-based Medicine at Oxford University, has analysed the studies and said it best “with the majority of people not obtaining their long-term goal weight. After 40 years of them when are people going to wake up and say this is not the answer?”

Or if that’s not enough, Richard Samber, former finance director of Weight Watchers from 1968-1993, even admitted that it is in their best interest for people not to get results, as it keeps them coming back; “It’s successful because the other 84% have to come back and do it again. That’s where your business comes from”.

The major difference between what I do and they do is they have been designed with sales at the forefront, how they can get in as many people as possible and squeeze out every penny, building everything else around that. Whereas my programme was designed around what was actually going to get YOU results, with everything else then built around that.

So if you are ready for something different, then drop me a message with what you are struggling with and let’s see how I can help.

Or alternatively:

What do you think?

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