The truth about ‘no added’ sugar

I have been running 7 day challenges for around a year and a half now, and there are still some people who pop in everytime I announce them, eager to get started and determined that this will be the time that everything changes.

In fact, some of these ladies have been in over 5 of my challenges, no better off than they were the first time they took part, and in many cases even worse off than before.

Even when speaking to them I can see why they are stuck, as they are going round in circles dabbling with diets and quick fixes and never committing to following through.

The definition of insanity though is doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different result, which is why as much as I wish it wasn’t true, I know these women will never get lasting results.

Don’t get me wrong, no added sugar is great, but I am always honest with people up front; it is a quick fix and not going to get lasting results.

The reason why it is so great though is it shows you exactly how addicted to sugar your body is, how bad your relationships with food are and just how much you need to change, acting as a catalyst to kickstart a lifestyle change.

From a weight loss and long-term change point of view though, it is just like any other diet, it is rarely sustainable and not going to get long-term results.

Yet many people don’t believe me, clinging onto the fact that this is the miracle cure they have been searching for, that just because they lost 5-10 pounds this week that this is going to be the magical solution that finally makes everything better.

Then when I speak to them a few weeks later more often than not they will have gone back to their old ways, regained the weight and even more stuck than before.

Then the next time I run a challenge they hop right back in, telling themselves that previous attempts weren’t the right time, they weren’t focused enough or that this time will be different.

I think it is fair to say I have pissed people off more than once for telling them that it simply isn’t going to work, with them confusing my honesty and desire to help with arrogance or a personal attack.

Yet here’s the reality, I’ve been there myself and I’ve seen thousands of ladies going this and from all that I’ve seen that there are two types of people;

The first are the ones who accept that there is no quick fix, no miracle cure and if they want to make lasting changes then the only way it will happen is by focusing on their lifestyle on the whole, building on it step by step and recognising that there is more to it than just what they eat or how much they move.

And the others are the ones who refuse to accept that there is another way, that eventually all the years they are wasting from bouncing around from one diet to another will pay off, they will find that miracle cure and everything will have been worthwhile.

If you fall into the second category, then I’m not going to apologise for being the one to tell you it won’t.

The reality is diets don’t work and nor do these weight loss groups people pledge their allegiance to in cult like fashion.

Don’t believe me?

Well the fact that 67% of the UK is overweight or obese and 84% of people who lose weight going to these groups put it back on is evidence enough in itself.

Now I am not telling you this to be an ass, I’m telling you this because I am tired of seeing people struggling. I am tired of seeing people exploited. And most importantly, I am tired of seeing people wasting years of their life they will never get back, which is time they could be healthier, make better memories with their family, have a better quality of life and most importantly, be happier.

So if you are ready to do something different, to ditch the diets and finally take control of the life you’ve always wanted, then drop me a message using the form below and tell me abit more about the changes you are wanting to make, and let’s see how I can help.

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