Do you really want to change?

I regularly get ladies coming to me saying that they are depressed.
That they have lost themselves, they don’t have the confidence to leave the house, they’ve settled in their jobs, their relationships and their lives.
They’re overweight, barely have enough energy to make it through the day, are stressed out of their mind and can’t remember the last time they had a decent nights sleep.
They say they want to change, they want nothing more than to be the person they once were again.
To laugh, to feel worthwhile, to feel fulfilled and be happy.
Then as soon as they hear that getting help may require some form of commitment they immediately start to justify why they can’t do it.
It’s as if society has programmed us to think in a way that our health and happiness are a luxury that we can’t or shouldn’t invest in.
That it’s ok and normal to go on feeling this way, that the time we are wasting we will somehow get back.
And when I say invest I don’t just mean financially. I also mean time, belief and attention, because if we are honest with ourselves the truth is if we truly wanted to do it, then just like everything else we’d find a way.
The problem is that in life we focus so much on the negatives, of what’s gone wrong, what we want and what we might have to give up, that we rarely stop to think about the positives we have to gain.
The freedom that feeling better about ourselves can give, the energy to make it through the day and empowerment to let go of the past and break free from this state of mind.
The confidence to go out, enjoy life, stop holding ourselves back and actually feel alive.
The laughs we’ll share, the memories we’ll create and the moments we’ll never forget.
You can always earn more money, but you can never get back the days that are wasted wishing for something more.
The days of struggling to get out of bed, feeling lost and invisible to the world, while being controlled by the voice in the back of your head.
At the end of the day you have a choice….
Are you going to make the most of everything day that you have? Take chances, enjoy life and become the best version of yourself?
Or are you going to one day look back filled with regrets? Defined by your excuses, the chances you didn’t take and the life you could have had.
It’s up to you.
It’s not too late to start, but decide now, because if you don’t, day one will forever be one day.
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