Why you need to fall in love with failing

How many times has a fear of failure held you back?

Stopped you from pushing yourself from trying some new?

From going after that promotion? Speaking to that person? Trying that fitness class? Pursuing that new project? Joining in with everyone else?

For so many of us that fear of failure is stopping us from living the life we truly want, as we are being controlled by the voice in the back of our head, or scared of the judgement of others.

And for many that is why they go through life watching from the side-lines, wandering ‘what if’ and never finding out what they are truly capable of.

But ask yourself really, what’s the worst that can happen?

So maybe that person says no, the project doesn’t go according to plan, or you don’t enjoy that class.

In the grand scheme of things, so what?

It is hardly the end of the world or the catastrophe we build up in our head, and if nothing else, at least we know.

And that in itself can set us free.

If that wasn’t enough of a reason, then think of it like this…

When you fail that’s when you find out who you actually are, what you’re good at, it can open up a whole new world of possibilities and can even potentially lead you down a completely different path, that you otherwise never would have found yourself on.

Take my weight loss story as an example.

I spent years going round in circles, losing a little weight, only to put it back on, hurting myself in the gym and failing at my goals over and over again.

Now the old me would have just given up and taken permanent residency on the coach, but for once in my life I decided to take a step back, evaluate what happened and see what I need to do going forward.

I made a decision that if I was going to do this properly, then I needed to stop just hoping for the best and find out exactly what I needed to do.

So I started spending some time reading and learning more about exercise and proper nutrition, changing behaviours and how to fuel our body with what it needs.

So what my initial failure did was spark an interest and the more I dived into it, the more that interest turned into a passion, which led to finding my true purpose.

And well…

That led to me writing a book, starting a coaching company and finding myself on a path that I never would have dreamed I’d be on.

Especially if you take into account a few years ago I was 50 pounds heavier, obsessed with KFC and the only thing I knew about healthy eating was that we should eat more vegetables.

And it’s important to add that I was terrified to step foot in a gym (the first few times I went it was so busy I went home and convinced myself I’d try again when it was quiet) and had gone through life believing that exercise wasn’t for me or ever something I’d enjoy.

The reality is that what I’m doing today is something I never would have dreamed and if you went back in time and told me this would be what I would do, I’d probably have laughed at you.

Now though I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

That’s why I want you to start taking chances.

To say yes more.

To focus on what you have to gain, and push yourself to see who you can become.

Because that’s how you start living life, and stop just being ‘alive’.

And the best part is that once you stop perceiving failure in a negative light, that’s when you start seeking out new challenges.

You start finding ways to push your limits, to grow, to develop and you find out who you actually are.

So I want you to start focusing on the journey instead of just the end result.

To fall in love with failing and every week push yourself to try something new.

So tell me, what is it that you are desperately wanting to do, but you aren’t because you are scared of failure?

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