Why your mindset is the key to everything

Want to know how to silence that voice that fills you with doubts, fears and negative thoughts? To change the way you think and feel about yourself and get lasting results in your life? Then this post is for you.

Do you want to know what separates the good from the great?

The winners from the losers?

The successful from the mediocre?

Those who get results and those who stay stuck?


Mindset is the absolute key to everything that we do, our results, our happiness, our belief and the person we become.

But like many others, a few years ago I had no clue what this whole ‘mindset’ thing even was, thinking it sounded just like some other fluffy hippy dribble.

You see, when I first started as a coach, my main focuses were nutrition and weight loss, and while some people got fantastic results, a few who came my way struggled.

There was one lady in particular who just couldn’t get it right.

For every step forward, she took two back, she’d overeat, go on all out binges, skip workouts and every other week wanted to give up.

I started to realise with her the methods of eating less and moving more simply weren’t working, as regardless of what we did, one way or another would end with her sabotaging herself.

She desperately wanted to change and I had made a commitment to her to help, so I knew I had to find another way.

So I started diving into psychology papers, learning everything I could about why we think, act and behave the way we do.

And one night after hours of research, I stumbled across a paper on cognitive dissonance, and how research had found the mental discomfort someone goes through when they have two or more conflicting beliefs.

Basically meaning; the desire to change opposed by an ingrained belief that they aren’t good enough or can’t do it, which internally pulls them apart until they accept the beliefs in their head.

And suddenly it started to make perfect sense.

After all, I had been through this time and time again myself.

So I started going through client files, looking at notes, correlations and events, diving into every study and research paper I could find, learning everything I could about psychology, NLP, behaviour change and cognitive therapy.

For the next 12 months analysing, comparing and refining everything I did. Uncovering what worked, what didn’t, who got results and who stayed stuck.

And the more I got into it, the more I started to see correlations and trends, to the point where I could actually predict whether or not someone would get results or not based on the way they felt and the approach they were going to take.

My findings from this were that in every person who managed to change and not just get, but keep results as well, had moved forward in 3 core areas:

– Changing their thoughts, beliefs and feelings about themselves
– Shifting their focus 
– Developing healthier habits

And the more I saw it in action, the more I saw why people were getting stuck, because if all three weren’t working in harmony, it never lasted long-term.

For instance, most people who want to change will go on a diet or start exercising, and while they start off full of good intentions, eventually that voice in their head tears them apart or they get consumed by focusing on what they are giving up, so they break and sabotage themselves.

Or they get so caught up focusing on positive thinking or affirmations, that don’t lead to taking action on developing new behaviours, help them let go of the past or overcome the beliefs that are holding them back. So as soon as they face a setback, they go back into their old way of thinking.

Whereas I found if I helped someone make changes in all 3 of these areas, we could reprogramme their unconscious mind, they could finally silence that voice and make lasting changes in all areas of their life.

So I took these findings and everything I’d uncovered and from that, the Thought Freedom Technique was born, the framework where I found time and time again if I put someone into, tailored it around them, their goals and the changes they wanted to make, they could finally get the results they wanted.

As when you get a momentum shift in all 3 of these Pillars, that’s when you reprogramme your unconscious mind to think yourself into the life that you want.

But miss one of them out…and it’s a ticking time bomb before it falls apart.

And this is where most people go wrong, as they only focus on one of the pillars..

For instance healthy eating to lose weight or exercise to get in shape.

And while it works for a while, eventually the thoughts fill them with doubts about whether they can do it and they lose motivation. Or their focus shifts to what they have to give up (like how they can’t have that piece of cake), till eventually it tears them apart, they go on an all-out binge and sabotage themselves. giving up.

Or on the other side of that, focusing on positive thinking to help with low mood.

While this helps for a while, it’s a conscious action doing nothing to reprogramme the unconscious mind or take action on new behaviours. So as soon as they face a setback, they sink into their old way of thinking.

These approaches are basically like putting a piece of duct tape over a hole in a leaking bucket.

It works for a while, but eventually the pressure gets too much, it burst and falls apart.

Leaving you to feel like you’re not good enough, you can never stick to anything and you’re a failure, when you were destined to fail from the start, as they don’t tackle the core of the problem.

Which is why without all 3 Pillars to retrain your brain, no changes you make will ever last long-term..

But when you get them working in harmony..

That’s when you get the FREEDOM EFFECT.

And that’s when you can finally make lasting changes in all areas of your life, as you reverse the thoughts and stories in your head and change the way you feel inside and out.

So how do you apply it?

I know that this can be a lot to process and take in, so I’ve put together a FREE Masterclass where I’m going to take you through everything that you need to know about the Thought Freedom Technique.

Showing you how to use these three pillars to reprogramme your unconscious mind, so that you can silence the voice that fills your head with doubts, fears and negative thoughts, shatter the beliefs that are holding you back and take control of the life that you deserve.

I’d love to know your thoughts…

Leave your comments and questions below.


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