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Whether your goals are advancing in your career, growing your business, losing weight or getting in shape, a huge contributing factor to your success is going to come down to your ability to think LONG-term.

Whereas most people are focused on SHORT-term thinking, that in the now satisfaction, or instant gratification, with no consideration for the consequences of their actions.

This is how they live 99.9999% of their life and it massively hinders their growth personally, professionally, mentally and emotionally.

To put this into perspective for you, let’s look at the principle outlined by Ray Dalio that he called ‘order of consequence’.

In this he states that first order of consequences are focused on SHORT-term thinking, whereas second, third, fourth, fifth, are all long-term benefits, which because of that, have a cost to the first order.

Let’s put this into perspective.

Sarah wants a bar of chocolate, as it makes her feel good when she’s had a long day and she loves chocolate.

Making it a first order consequence….

Meaning Sarah eats the chocolate, she is momentarily satisfied and feels good.

Now if that’s all we take into consideration, then that consequence is a good one, after all, she’s happy.

But let’s look at the potential second, third, fourth and fifth (LONG-term consequence’s)

  1. Sarah who has struggled with her weight most of her life continues putting on fat
  2. She loses energy, confidence and belief, so holds herself back and settles in her life
  3. She doesn’t get the success, fulfilment or happiness she desires (or deserves)
  4. Doesn’t live as long, isn’t the role model she wants to be for her family and dies filled with regrets and ‘what if’s’

This example is no doubt going to the extreme, but it proves the point, because the decision you make right now can and will directly impact your future (especially if it is a regular repeated action).

Let’s turn this on it’s head though.


Let’s say you’re currently unhappy in your job, so rather than spending your evenings watching TV, you take that time to focus on personal development or studying:

  1. Your skills and abilities improve, making you more qualified and giving you a new confidence in yourself
  2. You use this to go after a promotion, change job or get out of your situation
  3. You earn more money, feel happier and more fulfilled
  4. You can provide a better life and future for your family

That’s why if you truly want to be successful, then you need to start thinking this way.

Sure, it may mean an in the moment sacrifice, but if you truly want results, there has to be a compromise and decision made out of priority.

As someone who for most of their life made decisions based around instant gratification and SHORT-term thinking, with no considerations for the consequences, this shift in mindset has been in drastic change in the choices I make.

I now try to make most decisions in my life, business, fitness and goals based around long-term thinking, with many of these hurting me in the short-term.

For instance, I recently made a decision to stop creating and selling information-based products, as I decided this wasn’t making the impact or getting the results I wanted.

After all, there’s no shortage of information out there, but what I’ve seen more and more of is that where people struggle is not with knowing what to do, it’s knowing how to do it and to actually implement the changes.

On paper this may seem like not a big deal, but when you factor in the previous 5 weeks had been spent creating, filming and developing my new programme, combined with months of pre-work, research and creation, financially and time wise this was not a SHORT-term smart move.

I also know that many people in my situation would have released it anyway, as they had done the work so wouldn’t have to be able to justify acting otherwise.

Also when you focus on first order consequences, this seems like the logical decision.

When looking at the bigger picture though, I knew this wasn’t being true to myself and even though in the moment it may be a ‘difficult decision’, deep down I know that long-term this will allow me to make a greater impact, further develop my brand, make a greater difference in people’s lives and achieve the mission I set out to achieve from day one.

So sure, on paper was it really a smart move? Some people would debate it.

But from where I’m sitting it was an absolute no brainer, as I know the LONG-term effects of that decision will pay dividends, and not just financially, but in an emotional, mental and fulfilment-based way.

This however goes the same for that person trying to lose weight who is offered a piece of cake.

Or someone who after a long day is tired and talking themselves out of that workout.

In isolation this action may seem inconsequential, but in the grand scheme of things, could change everything.

So here’s a good rule to live by.

When faced with such decisions (whether it’s in your career, getting that burger, skipping the gym or speaking to that person), always push yourself towards facing the ‘painful’ consequence of that first order.

Yes, it may not feel great and in the moment you may even resent it, but the reality is the second, third and fourth are usually correlated to the first.

So while the fuzzy feel good emotions may come along with the first order, the others could have hugely detrimental consequences (not always, but I’m sure you get the picture).

So once again, your in the moment decision (which in isolation may seem irrelevant), can directly influence your future.

Especially when you add them together.

So yes, while that moment may be painful, chances are LONG-term you will reap the rewards, and the big takeaway from this is to put more focus into what you look to gain from LONG over SHORT-term actions, all while not rating all consequences the same.

Once you start approaching life and the choices you make in this way you will create a huge momentum shift in the way that you think and feel, allowing you to have a far easier time getting the results that you desire, sustaining them LONG-term and actually creating success in all areas of your life.

This however is where reprogramming your unconscious mind comes into play, as getting that shift takes out all the stress and overwhelm in these situations.

You no longer get sabotaged by your brain, and can focus on what you truly want.

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