All my successful clients did this first

All my successful clients did this first

All my successful clients did this first

Can you believe how fast this year is flying by?

It’s August 6 and there’s only 5 months left in 2018, which raises the question…

What do you do when time is running out and you aren’t where you want (or NEED) to be?

Well… I’m going to let you in on a secret.

Here’s what successful people do…

They reconcile.

You see, this isn’t about me, it’s about YOU and everything you are tolerating that deep down inside you shouldn’t be.

I talk to people everyday. Every single day who tell me they want big things, how they have all these goals and dreams…and the sad part is…they actually believe they want them.

But when you really look at their choices, behaviours, activities and actions, it’s pretty clear they don’t want them as much as they say they do.

And do you know what really bugs me? When people blame their lack of action on ‘risk’ or ‘what if it doesn’t work’.

This is complete tripe and let me prove it to you.

Imagine your house is burning down and you’re stood outside watching, obviously feeling mortified and like your world is falling apart.

Now what are the chances of you running into the burning house, risking your life to save a wardrobe you bought at IKEA when you can get the same wardrobe again for £400 the next week?


But… what if your child is in the house? They’re in their bedroom sleeping, oblivious to what is going on…

In this instance it doesn’t matter the odds, how hot it is or any risk involved, you are running into the house to save your child or die trying.

Which brings me back to my original point.

It isn’t the risk that holds people back. It’s their reasons for taking risk.

And this is where things come to ahead.

  • Want a successful career where you can perform at the highest level without crumbling to the stress and pressure of rising expectations?
  • Want to create the impact and influence to get the respect and recognition you desire, so you get more power, influence and money?
  • Want to feel good about who you see in the mirror, all while balancing your success with your family, relationships, health, energy and happiness?

Regardless of what you want, if the desire isn’t powerful enough, you won’t accomplish them.

You’ll avoid taking chances and in doing so…NEVER figure out what works.

People say they want these things, but in the grand scheme of things, they don’t.

Otherwise instead of complaining they’d make sacrifices for it, finding a way to make it happen.

I’ll give you an example.

One thing I hear a lot is how people have become stagnant in their job, not getting paid what they are worth and wishing they got more recognition and freedom.

Then you look at their choices and performance and they’re holding themselves back, doubting themselves and making mistakes, looking for short cuts, cheap quick fixes or blaming others for their lack of success.

The problem is they’re half in, half out, as they don’t believe in themselves, so unconsciously they want that relief when they fail to be able to say “well I didn’t try try that hard anyway.”

If you truly want to move forward then you’ve got to RECONCILE this…and recalibrate…

Because here’s the reality.

Who you need to be achieve what you want, may not be lining up with the person you’re currently being now.

This identity is holding you back, as the same old thinking gets the same old results.

So if you make the wrong judgement calls and are defined by your excuses, then you deserve whatever lack of results you get.

Now that may sound harsh, but it’s the truth, as your results come from the choices you make each and everyday.

Some people would rather try to do it on their own, not wanting to invest in themselves, ironically wasting time and money they can never get back, as they waste day after day of feeling this way.

Filled with all the reasons and excuses as to why they can’t or won’t do something, instead of why they should or must.

And it is this mindset that separates the great from the ‘average’.

Those who live out their dreams, and those who stay stuck.

Those who get results, and those who never live the life they want.

You are never more than one decision away from a completely different life, and if you are ready to stop being average, then I have a special opportunity for you.

As my coaching, business and purpose develops I find myself evolving as I grow and I’m about to unveil a brand new one-to-one coaching programme for professionals and executives who want to accelerate their impact, advancement and success.

Levelling up their way of thinking by optimising their mindset, focus and wellbeing, unlocking their true potential and empowering them to take control of the life that they deserve.

Because of that I’m looking to 3 people who want to become the first case studies and even going to take off 20% the investment price it’ll be when it launches.

Now this isn’t for everyone.

This is high impact peak performance coaching for professionals who are ready to step up and stop being defined by their excuses, to take action on what they want and invest in themselves.

Sound like you?

Then I want to invite you to speak directly to me to see if this is going to be the right fit for you, and you can do so by booking a call directly with me using the link below.

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I hope you are having a fantastic Monday.

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