Are you making an impact? Or are you being impacted?

Are you making an impact? Or are you being impacted?

Are you making an impact? Or are you being impacted?

If you’re stuck feeling like a fraud, doubting and questioning your self-worth, being overlooked and not getting the recognition, power or success you desire…

Then here’s the reality…you have no choice BUT to level up.

You see, you’re never going to get a better life by playing the same game you’re playing now and that’s why most people are stuck.

Their brain is programmed in a way that it’s wired of quantity of life, and its defence mechanism is to survive.

That’s why to mitigate risks, it keeps you focusing on the negatives, sabotaging your future success by keeping you procrastinating and consumed by the fear of what could go wrong.

But what you want is NEW, so of course it’s an inherent risk.

Which is why you need to make a choice.

You can either stay stuck, settling for less than you deserve and never reaching your true potential.

Or you can take the chance, ignore the voice in your head and push through.

Because what are you waiting for?

For it to be handed to you?

Sitting around ‘hoping’ it’ll happen?

Because do you really think the people at the top for have the influence, power, freedom and success hoped they’d get there?

No. they focused, put their mind to it, burnt all ships and went all in on themselves.

Because here’s the thing, nothing great was ever achieved from the side-lines.

That’s why ‘average’ thoughts and ‘average’ choices’ leads to an ‘average’ life.

I’m gona be honest with you…

The reason why you’re not stepping up, is because you’re afraid.

And what are you afraid of? Being judged? Not getting it right? That voice in your head being right, you are a failure? You weren’t good enough?

The harsh reality is this fear is going to cause a lot of people to wake up at 65, looking back at the life they could have lived, the chances they DIDN’T take, thinking ‘what if’.

And do you know what’s far more terrifying than failure? Than rejection? Than not getting it right?


That’s why you need to shift your focus from what could go wrong, to everything you have to gain.

The confidence you’ll have to perform at a higher level, earning more money, getting more freedom, recognition, influence and advancement.

The belief you’ll have to meet new people, have a stronger relationship, feel proud of who you see in the mirror, to stop just ‘living’ and finally feeling alive.

This is how you start reversing the thoughts and stories in your head…

And once you do that…

That’s when you will become UNSTOPPABLE.

At the end of the day though you can either have excuses, or you can have results.

And if you want to play in the big leagues and perform at highest level, then you don’t have a choice.

So stop looking at failure as the world falling apart and instead see it as your chance to grow, as it’s actually your opportunity to become who you were meant to be.

The time to stop being ‘average’ and step up is now.

You only get one life and one chance, so make it count.

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