Are you waiting for sh*t to hit the fan?

Are you waiting for sh*t to hit the fan?

Are you waiting for sh*t to hit the fan?

So last night my partner Jules was watching a documentary on doomsday preppers.

Now in it the presenter was interviewing various members of a group of people who are doing everything they can to prepare for the apocalypse/end of the world.

Building shelters, storing food, water, guns and anything else they might need to survive.

Now I found this fascinating, because as I joined in watching, I saw people so focused on saving their future, that they were literally sacrificing their present.

One guy in particular had lost his marriage, spent his life savings on a shelter, had got himself into an insurmountable amount of debt…

And for what?

In the chance sh*t might hit the fan so he can survive?

Now from an outside perspective, it seemed pretty crazy…

But then I realised…

This is what most people are doing EVERY day.

They’re dragging themselves out of bed to work jobs they hate, living a life they don’t want and wasting their present in the hope that they can survive for the future.

Pushing themselves to the absolute limit, often burning themselves out, straining their relationships, their health and obsessing over the negatives or what could go wrong.

All to get money to buy things they don’t need, all in the hope it’ll fill the void of living life in fear, unfulfilled and unhappy.

And for me, this is where the REAL craziness lies.

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with having an incredible job or career, making a tonne of money and being wildly successful.

But if you are not waking up everyday filled with passion and purpose, excited to be alive and proud of who you see in the mirror…

Then something HAS to change.

Because you are wasting time you can NEVER get back.

So I really want you to stop and ask yourself…

Are you alive?

Or are you just ‘living’?

And deeper still…

If you carry on this way…

Are you the sh*t that is going to hit the fan?

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