Do you struggle being present?

Do you struggle being present?

Do you struggle being present?

You look across the kitchen table at your partner who is smiling recapping their day…

You two feel connected, and you can see how much it means to them that you made it home in time for dinner.

It’s 18 minutes in, and you just realize that’s the first time you’ve glanced at your watch.

Which may not seem like much, but in the past you would have been in a rush, with scattered thoughts and a diverted focus…

Yet in this moment you are calm and at ease, actually present and in the moment.

Which makes you stop and think – you can’t remember the last time you felt this connected, you laughed and were actually in sync…

Not just pretending to listen, while hurriedly eating so you can get back to replying to emails.

Sound like a dream that’s too good to be true?

You see, the CURSE of the aspiring high performer is that in their quest for success…

They often sacrifice what matters most.

Becoming distant from those around them, as they burn themselves out, being left with guilt and regret.

Which at the end of the day, really makes you wonder…

Is it worth the cost?

The reality though is you can have it both ways…

You can have the thriving career, respect, admiration and success…

All while being a good partner, parent and someone who is able to be present.

BUT to do that AND rise to the top without losing your sanity, life, or those around you…

YOU HAVE TO start focusing on optimizing yourself is now.

As by getting yourself to mentally, physically and emotionally perform at your full potential…

You can become who you are meant to be, without working 80-hour weeks, burning yourself out or making yourself miserable.

What it really comes down to is auditing your life.

Uncovering where you are, what you value, where you are losing time, focus and not performing as you should.

Then from there optimizing every aspect of your being, so you can minimize the pressure, stress or worry.

As once you have that in place, that’s when you can reconstruct the best version of you from the ground up.

Getting you to not only reach, but sustain a state of PEAK performance.

I know it sounds like a lot to process, but the good news is you don’t have to do it alone.

– – – –

To for those of you who have been working hard, burning the candle at both limits and pushing yourself to the absolute limit…

I really want you to take a moment today to stop, to breath and take it all in.

To remember why you pushed yourself in the first place.

And really think about what matters most.

Have a fantastic day

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