Struggling with procrastination

Struggling with procrastination

Struggling with procrastination

Procrastination has to be one of the most FRUSTRATING feelings.

Because just think, how many times do you have tasks, deadlines, decisions or chores that HAVE to be done…

Yet you put them off?

Shifting your focus to something else, mindlessly scrolling through the newsfeed, doing other ‘busy work’ or just sinking into a state of avoidance, until panic, desperation and guilt take over?

The reality is procrastinating isn’t just affecting your performance, it’s also losing you money, holding you back, sabotaging your edge, and stopping you from reaching your TRUE potential.

The good news though is it can also be conquered, and shortly I’ll be sharing with you a 3-step strategy to break through it.

First things first though, you need to understand WHY you’re procrastinating…

Because you won’t be able to apply the solution, if you don’t firstly understand the problem.

Now, this will be different for everyone, but in my work with high performers I find that more often than not, the root cause of the problem…


So if we get right down to it, what are you afraid of?

Failing? Rejection? Not getting it right? Not being good enough?

Even if there’s no logical reasoning behind it, this fear builds up inside, taking over and leading to a state of inaction…

Keeping you trapped, as you waste time, twiddle your thumbs or completely freeze, putting off what needs to be done.

Now the problem is the longer you delay, the worse that feeling gets, pushing you further into a negative state of mind.

So how do you break through it?

What I want to share with you is a 3-step strategy you can go through to shatter through procrastination…

1) Own your fear

At the end of the day, fear is a normal human emotion, but that doesn’t mean it has to hold you back.

So really stop and ask yourself…

What are you afraid of? Why are you putting this off? And what can you do to take responsibility for your thoughts, actions and decisions?

2) Shift your focus

Our brains been programmed in a way that it wants to survive, it doesn’t want to thrive, it wants to keep everything the same.

So to keep you in a state of fear, it shifts your focus to everything that could go wrong, building up stories and worst cases scenarios in your head.

That’s why in building on step 1, it’s essential you take responsibility for your focus, shifting it to what you want, everything you have to gain and what you need to do.

3) Take action

You know how someone who is about to bungee jump can be held back by fear?

Where the longer they wait, the worse it gets, till it cripples them and takes over?

When in reality they could immediately solve their problem by just jumping?

Well, procrastination and overcoming fear is the same…

As you can solve your problem by taking action and pushing yourself to get started.

After all, how many times have you not wanted to do something, from a report to a difficult conversation or even the dishes…

Yet as soon as got underway, you made progress, the negative thoughts faded, or you realised it wasn’t that bad?

Or at least at the very worst, rather than letting it build up in your head tormenting you, you got it over with?What I’ve shared with you above is a 3-step process to break through procrastination, to get you focused and in the right state of mind to take action.

What I’ve shared with you above is a 3-step process to break through procrastination, to get you focused and in the right state of mind to take action.

And while it may not be easy…

The more you follow through with this, the easier it becomes.

As with anything though it’s important to remember that this is a CONSCIOUS action…

Where as your procrastination and fear is a mental barrier deep within your unconscious mind.

Because of that, the only way to ever be truly free, is to get to the core of the problem about why you think and feel the way that you do, what’s happened in your life to take on this fear and why you’re still holding onto it today.

Because until you let it go, it will continue being a part of who you are…

Remove the barrier though, and you can set yourself free.

Try this the next time you procrastinate and let me know how you get on…

Just make sure you tell me after the task…

Not midway through…

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