Finding your passion and purpose

Finding your passion and purpose

Finding your passion and purpose

I was speaking to a client last week who has lost their passion for their business…

And in our conversation, he brought up how with what I do at least it has that sense of fulfilment, as it is helping people on a deeper level.

After our coaching session I really took some time to think about my journey, about what I do and why…

Now I know from social media it’s easy to jump to conclusions, to see someone’s highlight reel and assume they’ve got it all figured out.

But truth be told, life wasn’t always this way, and if you don’t know much about my story, a few years ago, I was lost.

You see, even though from a young age I always had big goals and dreams, I knew I was meant to do something great…

But I had no real clarity, I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted, so I drifted through life, void of passion and purpose.

I thought maybe going travelling would help me find myself.

Not really.

I thought maybe doing a Master’s degree would open some direction.

It didn’t.

I thought getting a generalised corporate job would help me find an interest.

Still no.

And as I watched my friends start to flourish in their careers, I started to think that maybe this is just the way life has to be.

So, I put my head down, I conformed, and I did what everyone else did…

Becoming another zombie in the corporate world, drifting through life, with everyday becoming the same.

This inevitably pushed me to my breaking point, where everyday was a struggle just to get out of bed.

I was burnt out and exhausted, having strained my relationships, moody, on edge and depressed to the point I didn’t want to leave the house.

Now I WISH I could tell you there was some magical exercise I did that opened my eyes to a new path.

Or that you could just do some visualisation, read some secret book, or take a quiz on Buzzfeed to find direction…

But…none of that really works.

Sure, it might give you a hint, some inspiration or that dopamine hit…

But I’ve found that TRUE passion and purpose comes from doing.

From putting yourself out there, trying new things and pushing yourself to grow.

That is how you open up opportunities to find yourself down a path you otherwise never would have been on.

As it allows you to have moments where you see what lights a fire in you, so you can find what you truly like.

Now I know that in times of uncertainty it is so hard to see clearly.

With scattered thoughts of what to do, what to try or where to even start.

Which is why such a big part of this journey is getting someone to help you find your way.

The funny thing is though, I don’t know if we ever truly find that ‘true passion and purpose’…

Because as we move forward we change, the post moves and we set new goals.

Just take my journey for instance…

When I first started the vision I had is very different from the one I have now.

I’ve changed in my perspective, my business, who I work with and myself.

And as I evolve, I continue to move forward on my own journey, seeking that greater meaning, finding out what’s truly important and my purpose in life.

That’s why above everything else, if you don’t really know who you are, what you want or where you are going…

Take more chances.

Try more things.

And above all else…

Focus on enjoying the moment, not just what you perceive as the end result.

– – – – – –

Let me know below…

Have you found your passion and purpose?

Why do you do what you do?

And what’s the big goal behind it?

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