Feeling burnt out

Feeling burnt out

A 5-year study has shown that corporate burnout affects the mental health of 20% of top performers in UK businesses.

And with how hectic, stressed and constantly on the go we are, I can’t say I’m surprised, especially since I crashed and burned a few years ago myself.

You see, after my Master’s degree I had all these goals and dreams, but I was lost, with no real direction or purpose.

So I did what everyone else in my situation does – I got a job, hoping that would eventually lead to finding my path.

Before long though, I found myself in a situation where I was trapped, doing one mundane task after the next, watching the clock and counting the minutes till I could go home.

I remember thinking to myself ‘what the hell am I doing’, and after 6 long months I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to do something else.

The problem was I still I had no clue what I wanted, so I settled on what seemed like the least bad of all the options, thinking ‘maybe marketing is for me’.

At first it wasn’t so bad.

Sure, I got no enjoyment out of it…

But you have to start somewhere, pay your dues and work your way up…

So this misery was normal…right?

So I put my head down and missioned through, after all, I had bills to pay.

Before long I became a zombie drifting through life, going through the motions and in a frazzled state of mind.

Everyday was a battle just to get out of bed, I was moody, on edge, barely sleeping and at the slightest set back mentally fell apart.

I don’t think I was much fun to be around, so I isolated myself from the world around me, even starting to get my food shopping delivered so it was one less reason to leave the house.

My existence became one based around dreading going to work and living for the weekend where I could mindlessly lie on the couch watching TV.

A truly thrilling existence.

One of the weird things with burnout is how you mentally just feel empty with an inability to function.

Yeh you’re there, but you’re not really present, in a constant fight with low energy and completely exhausted and overwhelmed with scattered thoughts.

Truth be told, I was so focused on keeping myself together, that I never even realised how much I was falling apart.

The thing with burnout is it doesn’t magically go away on its own.

And I get the mentally of sweeping it under the rug, saying you are ok and faking a smile…

But the more you ignore the signs and symptoms, the worst it gets.

There really is no way around it, as if you don’t tackle the problem, it’s a ticking time bomb until it falls apart.

Unfortunately though, there isn’t an overnight fix, it takes time to rest and recover, and it’s essential you have the right strategies to put yourself back together.


So with that being said, if I put together a guide on how to overcome burnout, would you want it?

Let me know in the comments before and if there’s enough interest I’ll put it together.

Also let me know below, have you been through/are you going through burnout?

And if so, how did it/how is it affecting you?

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