How to influence your team

How to influence your team

Want to influence your team without conflicts?

The reality is no one likes being told what to do.

Which is why when stepping up to lead so many people struggle getting their team on board, as they have no clue how to shift from team member, to team leader.

This is what was happening with a recent client, as whenever she tried to get her team to work together towards the targets, they’d fight back.

The toxic environment was driving in her insane, as it turned into an episode of Game of Thrones with everyone blaming the blame game and stabbing others in the back.

It was crazy, as no one would take any responsibility, it was always someone else’s fault and every meeting seemed in end with conflicts and resentment.

Naturally, she started to blame herself, and I remember her coming to me crying as she felt her failure to step up meant she was terrible at her job and not good enough.

But actually, she just had the wrong approach.

So, what we did instead, was turn it on its head.

Rather than telling people what to do, we got her to reverse engineer the outcome, making THEM think it was their idea.

How? Rather than telling them what you want, say this is the outcome that say, the board desire.

For instance “these are how many prospects we need to reach in the next 60 days”

So ask how do they think we can get there? What needs to be done? Who would that fall under?

You can lead them to the desired outcome without them even realizing and not only that, you may also get some great ideas about how to do it better as well.

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