Are you stuck on the Ferris Wheel of Success?

Are you stuck on the Ferris Wheel of Success?

Chasing success is a lot like a Ferris Wheel at a theme park.

It’s a slow gradual ride to the top, that at first, is easy, especially with that initial buzz and excitement.

The higher you go though, the scarier it can become.

Especially when you realize that if this thing doesn’t have a strong foundation, it can all come crashing down.

In these moments you can quickly get caught up in everything going on around you, and the only thing keeping you together is the idea that once you reach the top, the views will be amazing, and everything will have been worthwhile.

And it is.

It is breathtaking, and a view that most will never see.

The problem is though, you can’t stay there for long until you start to head back down.

So now you’ve faced those fears, you’re comfortable, you know you’ll be ok, and feel at ease heading into the second round trip.

Only now, the anticipation is gone.

Sure, it’s still ‘exciting’, but you’ve experienced it before, you’ve seen the view and the initial buzz for where you’re going is gone.

Because of that, every time you go round, you feel a little more empty and numb, hoping that the next time you reach the top you’ll regain that spark…

But…you never do.

So what happens then?

You convince yourself that maybe you need a BIGGER Ferris Wheel, as that’ll have even more amazing views.

You convince yourself you need more comfortable seats, as that’ll allow you to enjoy it more.

You convince yourself that maybe, just maybe, what’s missing is a chocolate fountain the shoots rainbows and magic hearts out.

THIS is why so many people get trapped in a never-ending cycle, going up and down, and up and down.

Where no matter what they achieve, they still feel empty and unfulfilled.


Because they are focusing solely on the external and end result…

Overlooking that real success is mostly about the journey and fulfilling our internal needs and desires along the way.

You see, if you are solely focusing on the view at the top.

You’re overlooking everything else going on around you.

Which becomes an even bigger problem when the ride up can take days, weeks, months or even years.

That’s a long time to overlook the people by your side.

About how you feel each and every day.

And who you truly are, and what makes you feel alive.

That’s why if you want real success that goes beyond its peak, you need be focusing on more than just where you are going.

That’s why I developed my REIGNITE Method to help those who feel have hit a plateau after becoming stuck on the Ferris Wheel of Success balance their external goals with their internal needs and desires.

As once you get them in harmony…

That’s when you can REIGNITE that passion and spark, allowing you to create a greater impact and find excitement again in your work.

It allows you to be present, enjoy the moment and feel connected to those around you.

And to wake up everyday filled with confidence, energy, passion and purpose, no longer just living, but actually feeling alive.

So if you feel like you are living your life on the Ferris Wheel of Success, where you’re going round in circles, stuck in a plateau feeling empty and unfulfilled, then I want to help.

I’ve put together a free training where I’m going to take you step by step through the REIGNITE Method and show you exactly what it takes to REIGNITE that passion and purpose in life.

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