Module 3

Weight goals

Why dieting doesn’t work

An important part of working out the path you need to take is to learn from the mistakes of others, to see how and why they get stuck and avoid falling into those traps.

That’s why before creating a weight loss plan I want to cover some of the biggest weight loss mistakes, and talk you through how weight loss works and the approach we are going to be taking.

Eating for your weight goals

Whether your goals are losing, maintaining or gaining weight, an essential part in your success will be having the right strategy to reach your target.

  • For the next two weeks focus on getting one meal right while trying to improve other meals
  • Use that time to track your weight
  • If you are losing 1-2 pounds you are spot on with your portions, if you are staying the same or gaining you need to remove some snacks or servings of carbohydrate/fat from meals
  • If you are losing too much you need to add more food
  • Remember in first 2 weeks of any plan weight loss may be faster due to a loss of water weight, so this will start slowing down

Putting together a weight loss plan

Planning is going to be an essential part of your success, which is why before going any further I want you to take some time and think about your routine and the changes you want to make, and how you can schedule in and streamline the process.

  • Think about what you will be eating for the next 7-14 days and create a meal plan
  • Schedule into your calendar times to cook meals, go walking, do the shopping and focus on other goals
  • Look for ways to create cues to act upon habits or make what you need to do easier
  • Revisit your vision statement and think about what changes you need to start working on to become that person
  • Take any┬ámeasurements and photos
  • Post your plan in the community so you can be kept accountable

Breaking through plateaus

As you progress along your journey inevitably your body will get used to what you are doing and you will plateau, which is why it is so essential when creating a plan that you focus on the long-term goal.

By doing so you can progress your plan and approach over time, and there are also various other strategies you can use to break through plateaus.