Module 4

Making more informed choices

Processed vs Wholefoods

So far I’ve talked about moving towards a diet based primarily around wholefood sources and minimising intake of refined and processed foods.

But what actually does that mean? Let’s find out

Reading food labels

A big part of improving the way you eat is knowing exactly what is in your foods, which is why an essential skill to have is being able to read food labels.

  • Start by looking at the ingredients list, these items are listed in order of weight
  • If you are in a rush check the first 3-4 ingredients, watch out for sugar, syrups or ingredients ending in ‘ose’
  • To work out how many teaspoons of sugar take sugar and divide by 4
  • Remember a serving size doesn’t necessarily mean the whole product
  • If the ingredients list looks more like a science textbook it will be filled with chemicals
  • Wherever possible stick to whole foods, they don’t need ingredients lists as they are the ingredients!

Deficiencies and supplements 

When it comes to improving long term health and lowering your risk of disease getting rid of nutrient deficiencies is top of the priorities.

This is because when you don’t fuel your body with the right nutrients, it can’t function properly and this can negatively impact everything from your energy levels to your immune system and outlook on life.

  • Use the cheatsheet below and see if you are struggling with any of the symptoms
  • If so compare your food diary to the best sources of each nutrient and see if they appear in your diet
  • If not, aim to start incorporating some of those foods into what you eat
  • Supplements for the most part are expensive and not necessary unless you can’t get what you need from your diet

Deficiencies Cheatsheet 

In this PDF you’ll find a cheatsheet containing the most common deficiencies, the symptoms that come along with them and how to avoid them.

Download the guide

Sugar and sweeteners

There’s no way around, in order to improve your long term health and achieve your weight goals we need to get sugar in take under control.

In this video I’ll talk you through why sugar is such an issue and why it is so important to cut down.

Sugar guide

In this PDF you’ll find a short guide on everything you need to know about sugar.

Download the guide

Artificial sweeteners guide

In this PDF you’ll find a short guide on everything you need to know about artificial sweeteners.

Download the guide

Other nutrients

The other nutrients you need to know about are water and fibre, so I have created short guides you can download below.

Also while not essential for your health, I have also included alcohol and gluten to answer any questions you may have about consuming them.


In this PDF you’ll find a short guide on everything you need to know about water and increasing your intake.

Download the guide


In this PDF you’ll find a short guide on everything you need to know about fibre and why it is such an essential part of your diet.

Download the guide


In this PDF you’ll find a short guide on drinking alcohol and how it affects your weight loss goals.

Download the guide


While not a nutrient, due to the current ‘gluten free’ craze I felt it was important to include this guide on everything you need to know about gluten and if you should go gluten free.

Download the guide