Module 5

Overcoming coming barriers

Getting round the barrier of time

When I was writing my book ‘Become a Better You’ I did in-depth interviews into the problems people were facing, and one of the biggest barriers they stated was holding them back from making changes was time.

When time is a deciding factor a huge part of the process comes down to proper planning, thinking ahead and streamlining as much as you possibly can.

Getting the family involved

Getting the family involved and making better choices can be tough, especially when they aren’t on the same journey as you or don’t have the same goals.

That’s why I wanted to go through some ideas to get them making better choices in the way they eat, think and move, without even realising, along with how to pass on the knowledge and tools you have gained.

  • Use these ideas as inspiration and adapt them accordingly to what works for your family or friends
  • In the community share what works or what other ideas you think of, as this will help other team members get their family more involved as well!

Eating healthy on a budget

Healthy eating is often portrayed as expensive, but in reality with some small changes, properly planning and preparation you can eat well done any budget.

  • For every meal choose a food from each category, and combine it with 2 portions of vegetables, some herbs and spices
  • If you want to go low carb, replace the serving with either more protein or a serving of fat
  • Refer to the next lesson on how to determine portion sizes and Module 2 will be covering how to eat to achieve your weight goals

Eating healthy on a budget

In this PDF you’ll find a short guide on ideas and strategies to reduce your weekly food bill

Download the guide