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About Byron

Byron Morrison is a best-selling author, keynote speaker and Peak Performance Coach. He helps professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses optimise themselves for success, so that they can mentally, physically and emotionally perform at their full potential.

Byron is a qualified nutritionist, personal trainer, behaviour change coach, is trained in NLP, High Performance, has a Masters Degree in Business and Management and a background in marketing.

He has previously run workshops and seminars across the UK for corporate, business showcases, the NHS, councils and other facilities. He has also been featured and interviewed on publications, podcasts and radio shows across the UK, USA and Canada.

He is available for booking for interviews, workshops, seminars and speaking events on a range of Peak Performance topics. All activities are tailored for purpose and audience ability.

examples of seminars, keynotes, interview subjects and consulting topics include but are not limited to:
  1. Developing and optimising the 3 Pillars of Peak Performance
  2. Cultivating a resilient Mindset for success
  3. Leadership development and conflict resolution
  4. Time, energy and stress management
  5. Unlocking passion and purpose
  6. Goal setting and development of high performance habits
  7. Healthy eating and understanding nutrition
  8. Improving wellness in the workplace
  9. All workshops are delivered in an interactive and engaging format, to help others bring out the best in themselves, using tried and tested methods with practical implications the participants can apply to their lives.
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