Phase 5

Setting yourself free


Phase 5 is all about setting yourself free, as you change the thoughts and stories in your head, break away from the past, find happiness within yourself and uncover your reason to be alive

  • Your first task in this phase is to go through the self assessment sheet in the downloadable pdf below, and have a honest reflection of the last 7 days
  • Have a think about the quick wins you set yourself and if you are ready to build on them further
  • This is the phase to really start pushing yourself, so if you feel ready, look at potentially starting to focus on a larger goal you have been building up to
  • Share an overview of your week in the group, along with how you are going to become a better you next week


In this PDF you can find the questions you need to reflect and evaluate your progress and state of mind over the last 7 days.

Download the guide

Changing your stories

A big part of changing how you think and feel about yourself, is going to come down to changing the thoughts and stories in your head, silencing the voice that is filling you with doubt and taking control of your thoughts, focus and emotions.

  • Think of the stories in your head that are currently holding you back, write them down and then make a list of every time you can think of that gives evidence opposite to how you are feeling
  • That way you can start to turn the stories around and place the focus on the positives parts of who you are

Finding your reason

Do you ever feel like there is something missing? Like there has to be something more to life? A reason to get up in the morning? A passion and purpose to make it through the day?

If so then we need to uncover your ‘why’, your reason for being alive and what allows you to find fulfilment.

  • Close your eyes and imagine you just died and you’re at your own funeral looking down at your family and friends
  • Now imagine you’ve lived a long and fulfilling life, and one of your grand children gets up to talk about you, who you were and your accomplishments. Write down what you would want them to say
  • Then revisit it and dig deep, think beyond the material parts of life. What about the impact you had one others?  Your personality? How you treated those around you? Your personal values and priorities?
  • Go through and look for key words and phrases, and put them into a sentence, a slogan or catchphrase for your life
  • If you truly want to find happiness within yourself, then you need to find a way to incorporate that into everything you do, from your work to your family, to people you meet and everywhere you go

Accepting yourself

In order to truly find happiness within who you are, you have to learn to accept yourself. This is a essential part of finding inner piece, in silencing the voice in your head and living a life where you are content.

  • I want you to set aside some time to go for a walk and have an honest reflection with yourself
  • Ask yourself where in life you still feel unfulfilled, what is missing and what beliefs are holding you back
  • Once you uncover these stories, thoughts and beliefs, then you can start working on accepting yourself for who you are

Managing stress

Excess stress has a huge impact on your mental, physical and emotional health.

While stress may be unavoidable, at the very core of dealing with it will be directly linked to cause and effect.

On top of that there are also other measures you can take to focus on improving not only how you respond, but also ensuring you are fuelling your body with what it needs to reduce the impact stress can have.

  • Take some time to think about what in your life is causing you the most stress
  • From there you can start to think of ways to either change the situation, reduce it’s impact or at least improve how you deal with it

Breathing exercise to calm down

In this download I have listed a breathing exercise taught to doctors and nurses in the NHS to help them calm down and refocus in moments of crisis. If you struggle with feelings of overwhelm it will be a great go to strategy.

Download the guide

Pushing comfort zones

An important part of personal growth is continually finding ways to push yourself.

That is why from the start of the programme we have focused on gradually getting you to push your comfort zones, as you continue gaining more confidence without adding extra pressure on yourself.

  • Your big task this week is the fear challenge
  • Find something that scares you, that you have been holding yourself back from doing, place yourself ay cause, and do it
  • This can be anything you want, from pushing yourself to speak to new people, going to a fitness class, finding ways to advance your career or anything else that deep down inside you have been holding yourself back on
  • This may be terrifying, but this will show you how far you have truly come


This phase was very much focused on taking a giant leap forward, as you overcoming beliefs that are holding you back, finding your reason along with push your comfort zones so you can continue to grow.

Your big tasks for this phase we all about self-reflection, seeing where in life you may still feel unfulfilled and how you can start focusing on moving forward.

This weeks tasks before moving on are:

  • Add a bigger goal to really push yourself this week
  • Use the fear challenge to expand your comfort zones
  • Start to think about where in life you need to apply extra focus