The Freedom from
Negative Thoughts

You’re about to discover the secret to reprogramming your unconscious mind…

Setting you free from the negative thoughts that are sabotaging your success.

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Want help setting yourself free from the negative thoughts that are sabotaging your success?

The Freedom Effect is an exclusive one-to-one Mindset and Lifestyle coaching programme for professionals who want to transform the way they feel inside and out.

Using the Thought Freedom Technique you’ll level up your way of thinking, setting you free from the negative thoughts that are sabotaging your success.

Joining is by application only.

You can apply for a place by booking a transformation call directly with Byron to talk about you, your goals, the changes you want to make, and see if this is the right fit.

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Because if you can change your mind, then you can change your life…

Like Debbie, who stopped just ‘living’ and finally felt alive.

At the start of her journey she had settled, she was comfortable, but deep down inside she wanted more.

Not only did she break the control food had over her and lose over 30 pounds (another 15 after this video), she also found her passion and excitement for life.

Having more energy to spend with her family, the confidence to exercise, go on adventures and pride for who she saw in the mirror.

Or Susan, who found herself again.

After a lifetime of putting everyone else’s needs above her own she had lost herself. She made a choice that she couldn’t keep going on this way and not knowing where to begin, joined the Freedom Effect.

Fast forward to today and she has lost over 77 pounds, skyrocketed in her career, has the confidence to manage an entire team, won most influential person of the year, all while getting more success, fulfilment and money.
She’s also broken the control food has over her, come off her diabetes medication, found her smile and passion for life and even started dating again!

Or Leanne, who took back control of the life she thought she lost.

5 Years ago Leanne was a successful business woman, with a thriving career, an amazing group of friends, regularly exercising, running marathons and full of confidence. She was healthy, happy and full of life.

Then tragedy struck, her husband passed away, causing her to spiral out of control, losing her job and gaining over 120 pounds.

Now though she has launched and is scaling her business, is steadily losing weight, no longer a binge eater, has her social life back and even recently got the confidence to start dating again.

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