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Meet Michael

When he came to me he was lost. He had a successful business, but he was trapped, feeling empty and unfulfilled.
He was no longer excited by his work, enjoying what he was doing or creating the impact he KNEW he COULD be making.
Since he’s reignited his confidence and self-worth, has regained his passion for his work and found his excitement for life. (As well as adding 33k recently to his business)
And as for the rest, check out what he had to say to hear it for yourself.

“It was the best money I ever spent on myself”

Interview with one of Byron’s clients
– Meet Carl

When we started he was completely burnt out from life in the corporate world, all of which was causing out of control emotions, panic attacks and severe anxiety…
Combined with no direction or purpose, left him feeling completely lost and falling apart. In our time together he finally has clarity on where he is going, is no longer held back by fear, is in control of his emotions and regained his confidence.
Finally being able to take the pressure off himself, to feel good about who he is, improving his sleep, energy, focus and emotional health…
But above all else… He’s happy.

Results-wise, it exceeded my expectations. I never thought I’d ever be this emotionally grounded.

“The WEEKLY bonuses here are LARGER than my greatest months earnings in previous careers.”

Hear Tyler’s journey:

When we started Tyler had all these big goals and dreams, he wanted to make an impact and do something that mattered, yet he was lost.

His business was consuming him, he was unable to be present, was burnt out and losing all his passion for what he was doing.

Since he has refound his purpose for life, has become a better father, is earning more money and for the first time in his life, is proud of himself.

“I don’t feel like I have control back, I feel like I have it for this first time”

See Rosemary’s transformation:

As a Vice President Rosemary has a tremendous amount of pressure and expectations on her to perform and deliver.

This would often lead to a rollercoaster ride of emotions, where one moment she’d feel on top of the world, and the next falling apart.

Together we put her back in control of her emotions, regained her self-worth, opened her up to stronger relationships and found her happiness in herself.

“The fears aren’t holding me back anymore.”

Hear Jen’s journey:

Before we started Jens was lost, burning himself out, controlled by fear and procrastinating, to the point it was sabotaging pretty much every aspect of his life. Now he has found his passion and purpose, has shattered through his fears and is balancing his business success with his family.

“I feel like I’m living again.”

See Debbie’s transformation:

Debbie was living, but she wasn’t alive. She was trapped in a cycle, going through the motion where every day was the same.
Now, she is no longer control by food, has become a better role model for her family, is filled with energy, passion and life.

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